Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland

Mental energy is tangible, it can’t vanish without a trace. When a group of people begins to think in one direction, their “thought waves” superimpose over one another, and in the ocean of energy they create invisible but real energy-information structures — pendulums. They begin to develop by themselves and make people follow their laws. Once under the influence of a destructive pendulum, one loses his/ her freedom — becomes a cog in the big mechanism.

The more people — fans — members, fuel it with energy, the stronger the pendulum gets. Each pendulum has its own characteristic frequency of fluctuations. For example, you can sway the cradle if you apply force with a frequency called resonant frequency. If the number of supporters of the pendulum decreases, its fluctuations subside. When they completely disappear, it stops and dies naturally.
To suck energy from people, pendulums are using one’s feelings and reactions: resentment, dissatisfaction, hatred, frustration, anxiety, agitation, oppression, confusion, despair, fear, regret, affection, admiration, tenderness, idealization, adoration, delight, disappointment, pride, arrogance, contempt, disgust, sense of offense, sense of duty, guilt, etc.

The main danger for man succumbed to the destructive influence of the pendulum is that it diverts its victim from those lifelines where (s)he can be happy. (S)he should get free from imposed goals because fighting for them, one deviates more from his/ her own fate. The pendulum is aggregative, but that does not describe everything. The term “aggregative” does not reflect the complex nuances of human interaction with the collective energy-information field.


everything is there 👤 Vadim Zeland



Reality exists beyond you, as long as you believe

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