Sectors in the Space of Variation

At each point of space of variations, there is a variant of one or another event. For ease of understanding we will consider that the variation consists of a script and scenery. The scenery is the appearance or form of expression and the script — the way in which matter moves.

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

For convenience we can divide the Space of Variations into sectors, each has a script and scenery. The more distant from each other the sectors, the greater the differences in script and scenery. Human destiny is also represented by multiple variations. Theoretically there are no restrictions on the possible twists of fate, since the space of variations is endless.


everything is there 👤 Vadim Zeland




Reality exists beyond you, as long as you believe

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Reality Transurfing

Reality Transurfing

Reality exists beyond you, as long as you believe

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