Stream of Variations

Reality Transurfing
2 min readMay 29, 2021


Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland

Information is located in the space of variations, unmoving, and resembling a matrix. The information structure consists of chains linked together. Causation is the reason for the stream of variations.

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Restless mind constantly feels the movements of the pendulums and undertakes to solve all problems, trying to keep the situation under control. Its voluntary decisions in most cases are as meaningless as clapping hands in the water. Most of the problems, especially the little ones, are solved by themselves, if we do not hinder the stream of variations.

The main reason why we should not actively fight to go upstream, is that in this way we spend this mass of energy in vain or even to our harm. The stream moves along the path of least resistance and therefore contains the most effective and rational solutions. Rather, resistance to the stream creates many new problems.

There is no benefit from the powerful intellect of mind when the decision already exists in the space of variations. When we do not hinder the current of the variations, the solution will come by itself, and it will be the most optimal one. Optimality lies in the structure of the information field. The space has all the variations, but the variations with lowest energy consumption are most likely to get realized. Nature does not consume energy in vain.


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